Words cannot describe how much Ten Yad has been there for me personally, for my family and for my kids!!

While busy caring for my three vivacious and energetic munchkins, I never expected to have to battle Thyroid Cancer at the age of 38 and more recently recover from Open Heart Surgery at the age of 40.

Ten Yad really made this difficult experience that much easier.   Every week that we received  Ten Yad meals was incredible and  helped me remain positive, become stronger and move forward.

There were some days that were so painful that I did not want to get out of bed, but Ten Yad’s assistance gave me the added help I needed to become healthier faster thereby giving me the ability to be a mom again.

Ten Yad is impeccable at bringing together friends, families, co-workers, community members, and in my case, just good Samaritans, in order to provide support when it is most needed.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart (No Pun Intended).  BH” I feel truly blessed to be part of the world again knowing this is behind me and to be surrounded by so much love and kindness!

I wouldn’t be the person or mother I am without all of you.

Anna Tal, Centrepointe


At one of the most precious yet challenging times in our lives, the birth of our second child, Ten Yad’s “Circle of Support” program was there to help us enjoy God’s gift. Whether you’re new to the city or you’re born and raised, Ten Yad offers a welcoming hand and its impact is now known by nearly all of Ottawa’s growing Jewish community of new parents and young families. From the bottom of our hearts, Todah Rabbah!

Melanie and Howard Fremeth (Parents of Orly and Lev), Westboro

As an accomplished and independent individual‎ with a busy career and 5 young kids, I always prided myself in my abilities to “get it done”. I managed through many challenges in the last few years, and yet I didn’t stop. However, there came a time when G-d had something else in mind for me: a broken ankle. Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything – drive, cook, shop, work, help the kids. But Ten Yad was there for me and my family with meals, rides, and overall support. What a wonderful blessing. I was able to relax and heal without worrying that I would have to serve my family cereal for dinner. I simply cannot properly express the extent of my gratitude for Ten Yad and the volunteers.

Dr. Elana Cherry, Craig Henry/Centrepointe

We were so grateful to Ten Yad for its help in the birth of our newest daughter. Labour began on shabbos. Thanks to the Ten Yad – Westway Urgent Shabbos Taxi Service we were able to transfer to the hospital without unnecessary violation of shabbos. Simply by asking for a “code six one three” the taxi driver came promptly, took our bags and opened the taxi doors at both ends of the trip and didn’t ask for any payment. Baruch Hashem, our baby was born in the early hours of Saturday morning. Jonathan was able to locate the Kosher Pantry and find a siddur so that he could recite the Shabbos morning prayer service and grape juice and matzos so that we could make kiddush and have a seudah. He even found a granola bar: a welcome treat to enhance our makeshift Sabbath meal! After returning home from the hospital we were blessed with two weeks’ worth of suppers sent by friends all arranged and coordinated by Ten Yad. This was a huge help during a very chaotic time for our family. We had great peace of mind knowing that whatever else was going on, we and our children would be able to count on a fresh, hot supper every night that we didn’t have to worry about preparing. Thank you.

Rachel and Jonathan Gray, Westboro

This past winter, my family was faced with a particularly challenging time as I was pregnant with our forth baby and had a complicated injury that left me immobile. With my husband often traveling, and three young children to care for, the simplest things became overwhelming, like grocery shopping and preparing family meals. Thankfully, we were so blessed to have the support of Ten Yad, who reached out to us immediately.

Ten Yad coordinated and delivered support throughout this time and after the birth of our daughter. This was invaluable, not just in practical terms but it was also an emotional support knowing our community cared for us and would help us through this difficult time.

We will never forget all that our friends at Ten Yad did for our family, bringing light into our home with each mitzvot. Supporting Ten Yad means caring for our broader Jewish family in Ottawa, which we feel so blessed and connected to through this experience.

Forever grateful,
Alicia Green & Family , Barrhaven

Thank-you, Ten Yad for everything you did for our family shortly after our baby was born – including all the delicious and nutritious soups, the hearty and kid-friendly veggies and supper; as well as for taking Asher, Meir and Netanel out to the park; and not mention for arranging all the meals for our family for two whole weeks! We greatly appreciate this timely, thoughtful and generous gesture. You helped make our transition of welcoming Tehilla Tikva into our family much smoother and easier. We wish Ten Yad of Ottawa much success !!

Yankel and Bina Ester Botwinik, Alta Vista

No words can possibly express my thanks to Esti Fogel and the devoted and selfless team of volunteers at Ten Yad. I was so touched and grateful to receive delicious, home-cooked meals every night for weeks after giving birth to my fourth child. Ten Yad really went “above and beyond” to help me during my recovery. Their care and concern for anyone in the community who needs the extra help is remarkable.

Yocheved Boyarsky, Sandy Hill

When my family and I were in need, Ten Yad and its volunteers were there for us. Not only were the provisions of food helpful to us during such a difficult time, but even more so, it was comforting to know that when things were at their worst, there were kind, generous and golden-hearted people thinking of us. This personalized and caring support was and is priceless. If there is one important organization to support in Ottawa, Ten Yad is it.

Richard Marceau, Aylmer