Kosher Pantry

As an off-shoot of its Bikkur Cholim division, Ten Yad of Ottawa is very pleased to highlight our Kosher Pantry program.

All campuses of the Ottawa Hospital can provide kosher food for patients. However, caregivers and family members have limited access to kosher food on site. This can be a particular challenge when a family member is admitted, in an emergency situation or during Shabbat. The Kosher Pantry is stocked with an assortment of non-perishable food items, electric candles and grape juice for Shabbat along with siddurim, chumashim and other religious and inspirational items.

Ten Yad is most grateful to Joel OBM and Gaye Taller, who have so generously sponsored the Kosher Pantry project in memory of Lillian and Archie Taller, OBM and at CHEO in memory of Joel Taller OBM.

Contact Ten Yad for general inquiries regarding the Kosher Pantry.  For information about the Kosher Pantry at specific campuses, please refer to the specific links on this page.

Queensway Carleton Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus

The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus

CHEO (Children’s Hospital)