Bikkur Cholim

The “Bikkur Cholim” division assists anyone in the Jewish community who is hospitalized or housebound during an acute illness. We co-ordinate volunteers to visit patients, run errands, drive family members to hospital visits, and of course, help with food where necessary. Please contact Ten Yad if, chas ve’shalom, there is a need to access these services.

Ten Yad will arrange volunteer visits to those in need of a friendly call – whether the individual is confined to a hospital or, in certain cases, when recovering at home. However, it is important to note that Ten Yad volunteers are not certified chaplains and can only visit hospital-bound patients at the express request of the patient. Additionally, privacy regulations preclude the sharing of any patient lists, therefore Ten Yad can only become involved if notified directly by the patient or family.

Although Ten Yad does not have the resources to provide transportation for regularly scheduled medical appointments and the like, our volunteers can provide rides for caregivers and patients in acute circumstances. These would include assisting family members or primary caregivers who face difficulties in traveling to/from the hospital, escorting patients for immediate post-operative appointments or post-hospital medical follow-up. For longer-term needs, Ten Yad will assist in identifying other sources of support and assistance.

Ten Yad understands that in acute situations, the priority for any primary caregivers or family members relate to the medical welfare of the individual. As resources allow, Ten Yad will offer assistance with basic shopping needs and errands. As each situation is unique, families in need should contact Ten Yad to determine what shopping and errand-related support may be available.